Northfield is a rapidly expanding company looking for experienced:          

  • Sales Representatives
  • Flexible Endoscope Technicians
  • Rigid Endoscope Technicians
  • Power/Pneumatics Technicians
  • Camera Technicians
  • Surgical Instrument Technicians
  • On-site Repair Technicians

These openings are available in multiple areas of the United States.

Are you interested in being a part of our team? Contact us!

Ryan Baumgartner
HR Coordinator

Data Driven

Save time and money with proactive support in managing your repair program with data.


Turn times of 2 to 4 days for most repairs. Your valuable assets are returned to service quickly.


We serve over 1,200 hospitals and surgery centers across the United States.

The Northfield Medical Difference
Northfield has saved us in OEM repairs a good 40% over the past year compared to the previous year. They have been instrumental in training staff in our Surgery, G.I. and Pulmonary Suites in the proper handling, storage, and cleaning of flexible scopes. Last year our normal repair was due to massive fluid intrusion of a scope. Over the last 6 months, with the assistance of Northfield, we have all but eliminated this cause of repair.