Data Driven Repair & Education Program

To truly lower your repair cost, an additional understanding of instrument function, limits of use, and care and handling techniques are required. Our educational offerings are another component of our proactive approach to reducing your repair cost.

Program Highlights

  • Data collected by our web-based information system from each repair transaction allows us to identify and address preventable repair issues rapidly.
  • Our Care and Handling Programs will reduce repairs of flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, pneumatic instruments, laparoscopic instrumentation, and specialty instruments.
  • Program topics include the identification of instrument components, instrument design, preventive maintenance, repair prevention, and care and handling techniques.
  • Our programs are certified by IAHSCMM, CBSPD and AST Participants are awarded CEUs upon completion.
  • Educational events are scheduled with input from department or specialty managers and typically include all management and staff.
  • Our programs are an invaluable component of Northfield’s comprehensive solution to reducing repairs and repair related costs.

SPD Services

Chamber Cleaning

Routine maintenance and cleaning is recommended by all autoclave manufacturers as well as AAMI and AORN. Northfield’s sterilizer chamber cleaning program enables hospitals to meet these recommendations and establish a center of healthcare excellence. 


  • Convenient and economical solution
  • Utilizes a safe and proven non-invasive cleaning process
  • Safely remoevs deposits and build-up from chamber walls
  • Flexibility to schedule cleaning around your schedule

Cleaning Benefits:

  • Meets recommended practice of AAMI and AORN
  • Improves efficiency of sterilizers heating and cooling operation
  • Removes baked-on oxidation and residue
  • Does not interupt departments' operations
  • Improves future maintenance
  • Preserves integrity of autoclave's metal surfaces
  • Assists with prolonging the life of the sterilizer
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs
  • Ensures that your are ready for The Joint Commission

Chamber Before Cleaning







Chamber After Cleaning


SPD & Equipment Management Solution 

  • Web-based application with electronic audit and recall
  • Communication to OR/patient level
  • Tray maintenance based on usage
  • Real-time productivity reporting/accountability
  • Includes benefits and features such as:
    • Maintenance based on instrument usage
    • Detailed inventory master records
    • Integration with other clinical software and systems
    • Complete tray accountability to the patient level
    • Efficient equipment management
    • Increased accuracy of packing with visual reference to information including photos and manufacturers
    • Alerts OR of missing instruments on count sheets and tray labels
    • Increases compliance through user productivity reporting


Data Driven

Save time and money with proactive support in managing your repair program with data.


Turn times of 2 to 4 days for most repairs. Your valuable assets are returned to service quickly.


We serve over 1,200 hospitals and surgery centers across the United States.

The Northfield Medical Difference
Northfield has saved us in OEM repairs a good 40% over the past year compared to the previous year. They have been instrumental in training staff in our Surgery, G.I. and Pulmonary Suites in the proper handling, storage, and cleaning of flexible scopes. Last year our normal repair was due to massive fluid intrusion of a scope. Over the last 6 months, with the assistance of Northfield, we have all but eliminated this cause of repair.